Dream Circle Mentorship Program

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  • 48+ hours of amazing video content designed to teach you everything you wanted to know about dream interpretation
  • Webinars on Dream2Launch - how to find your message and launch it.
  • Weekly dream interpretation training
  • A FREE E-book on Dream Interpretation
  • a FREE Dream Symbols E-book
  • Mentorship training from top coaches

What People Are Saying:

“Amy knows dreams! I have been privileged to work with Amy over the past year, attending her Dream Interpretation class as well as spending many hours interpreting dreams for others (After all that is what this is about, right?). She is a gifted teacher who knows her subject well. I have also witnessed numerous times her navigating the intimate and challenging task of delivering interpretations to folks when God is revealing very personal and wonderful messages through their dreams. She navigates such tasks with skill, grace and a true sensitivity not only to the Dreamer, but also to the voice of the Heavenly Father who is speaking in the night. I have truly been blessed through her giftedness.”


“Amy Coello was a interesting teacher, very clear, and helpful in interpreting dreams. She anchored everything in scripture and was able to convey basic principals which continue to help me in understanding dreams. I would highly recommend attending one of her classes.”


“I really like that you didn't present your teaching as "Here is the manual---I have the corner on your dreams, but that the Spirit is the interpreter and He will speak to you in the voice you understand. That rang very true to me. When man starts presenting himself as the authority on what the spirit is saying---all I hear is the man---but pointing in a directions and saying Listen to the Spirit and these are some of the ways He has spoken to me....that is teaching I can use.”


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Dream Circle Mentorship Program $47.00 USD every month
Apply a coupon
Due Now $47.00 USD

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